About Us

Jeb Moyer

A contemporary designer with Teton Valley roots

Jeb was born and raised in Teton Valley Idaho and developed a love and interest for the built environment at a young age. After working for Moyer Builders as a teenager and gaining firsthand experience with the disconnect between the design industry and the building industry he decided to pursue a career in Architecture while continuing his construction experience through college. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Idaho with a Masters in Architecture, Jeb moved to Jackson and spent 7 years at Hawtin Jorgensen Architects. In 2010, he joined Gilday Architects where he designed and managed a vast array of projects, from custom residential, to commercial, to affordable housing projects in the Jackson Hole region. In 2016, Jeb left Gilday Architects to merge with Moyer Builders, forming Moyer Design + Build.
As a LEED accredited professional, Jeb has an interest in sustainable design and construction practices. He carries close ties to the region and community enjoying both the built and natural environment through his many activities.

Pete Moyer

Years of experience doing what he loves

In the late 1960’s, Pete Moyer was in college studying business and computer programming. A friend asked him to come to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and help remodel some apartments. “That changed my career path.” “I found a sense of accomplishment derived from building something to be a very strong draw”. Now that he has been in the construction business for more than 40 years, Pete would describe himself as “hands-on-builder with an employee base that has been with me for fifteen to twenty years. What inspires me is that sense of accomplishment I have when a project is complete and knowing that we have done a good job and will be able to stand by our work years after its completion.” Pete brings a well-rounded, practical view point to his construction projects. “Do it right the first time and don’t cut corners. My focus is quality with attention to details and always thinking ahead.” Moyer Builders has built a strong reputation for guiding our customers through the building process. “Custom home building is a personal, hands-on business. It’s entirely about the relationship with the homeowner. I believe that assembling a team that combines the vision, [homeowner] creativity [design] and the expertise [builder] results in serving our customers in achieving their dream home.